If you’re an associate using HRExpress to:
  • View your paystub electronically
  • Change personal data
  • Add or change emergency contacts
  • Edit tax withholdings
  • Change direct deposit information
  • Print your W4
CLICK HERE to access MyOnlineHR.

We recently launched MyOnlineHR, a new HR associate self-service tool. You should start using MyOnlineHR instead of HRExpress to complete these types of activities
If you’re a manager using HRExpress to:
  • Make changes for staff via Manager’s Express
CLICK HERE to continue to HRExpress.

For now, you will continue to use HRExpress for Manager's Express. HRExpress will retire in May and the new version of MyOnlineHR will become the replacement. At that time, HRExpress will not be accessible and all associates will need to use MyOnlineHR.